It is without a doubt the most advanced car of the moment. Indeed, the Mercedes E-Class advances an unprecedented technological arsenal, including some equipment still unknown to date, like the automatic overtaking device. Today, much more than yesterday, the E-Class has a position to defend: the new BMW 5 Series will soon, while Audi is already looking at the future A6. But there is also competition from elsewhere: Lexus GS, Infiniti Q70, Maserati Ghibli and especially, Jaguar XF and Volvo S90 which put serious sticks in the wheels of the Germanic trio.


On the main lines

From a stylistic point of view, the E-Class evolves radically vis-à-vis the previous model, evoking a sportiness more flush with bodywork. But nevertheless, we will have a hard time considering this design as "original", as it seems modeled on that of the other models of the brand, Class C and S in mind. Class E comes between these two models and is distinguished first by its dimensions: 4.92 meters long. That makes it a very long liner! Lower and narrower than the previous version, the E-Class is also 100 kg lighter on the scale!

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The E-Class, of course, includes all the latest advances in the field of active safety, including assistance in traffic jams. But the gap that separates us from the fully autonomous driving is reduced thanks to the appearance of a new device to assist you in your lane changes. For those who nibble the game, know that like a certain BMW 7 Series, the E-Class is able to park alone via smartphone, without anyone on board ... Of course, in case accident, the E-Class is almost as safe as a bunker.


And just sit aboard to notice that technology has taken over from the start. Two huge screens welcome you. The first displays the "classical" instrumentation and replaces the traditional needles. The second shows information about the multimedia system. Size of the thing: 12.3 inches! Welcome to the cinema! Of course, anything is possible, except perhaps sending missiles on your neighbor's house too noisy. Joking aside, connectivity is absolute, your smartphone is received with all the honors (Apple Car Play or Google Android Auto) and the internet connection is present.


Because power is nothing without control, this formidable gas plant is controlled from the traditional touchpad (which seemed to us less reactive than usual), via a voice command or via the central wheel. To impress your passengers, there is a small novelty on the wheel: touch sliders that jump from one menu to another. This obviously requires a little time to adapt ...


The E-Class is not only new in its platform, its design or its technology: it also innovates with a new diesel engine! It is obviously towards him that our attention is carried: this 4 cylinders of 2 liters delivers 150 (200 d), 163 or 194 hp (220 d). This is new: all engines are automatically associated with a 9-speed automatic transmission. Mercedes announces flattering figures concerning the 220 d we are working on: 240 km / h, 7.3 seconds at 0 to 100 km / h, 3.9 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 102 g / km.


Space and luxury

On board, it's big Mercedes. Understand that the finish is more sublime than ever! Here we are in an ocean of leather and precious materials. The livability will not disappoint you, even if a certain Volvo S90 does even better on this subject. The trunk of this variant notchback displays a volume of 540 liters. Largely enough, even if some grumpy spirits regret the floor not perfectly flat, before actually accommodate the propulsive rear axle.

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Athletic ?

The look more dynamic than ever could suggest that the E-Class now favors driving dynamics. However, it is not so: the E-Class is still a wonderful machine to swallow miles, in a comfort of very high level. A comfort especially noted that today, the new engine that the team is much quieter than the previous and rocky 2.1 l diesel. We enjoy the comfort of suspension, the excellent seats and the symphonic Burmeister stereo ...

In more dynamic driving, the engine reveals its potential. Powerful, flexible and nervous, it gives wings to the E-Class, which, moreover, benefits from a nice lightening cure. The box gets in pace, adjusting its relationship changes to your mood. It has finally arrived at a level of maturity, both in terms of management and softness and speed. The behavior delays however, with a nice balance, healthy and reassuring, but a certain noticeable inertia. Even lightened, the E-Class is not a ballerina, which soft damping (standard) highlights all the more.

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Admittedly, the basic price in diesel of 45.980 €, or even 49.610 € for this version 220 d appears strong. But the standard staffing is more generous today than yesterday and helps to pass the pill. Be aware, however, that an E-Class really savored only when it is richly equipped and therefore reveals the extent of its potential. But the bill flies away quickly. The total options quickly reach tens of thousands of euros!

At the pump, this new block is indeed a beautiful frugality. Our average consumption of 5.6 l / 100 km is the proof. Mainly highway routes can bring this value down by a few tenths, while a more sporting and / or urban use will not increase the budget exponentially.


Despite a more sporty style, the recipe of the model does not change: technological content at the top and a priority given to driving comfort. The E-Class even advances the unknown technologies of the all-powerful S-Class. This gives it the keys to power in this segment ... Queen of the family, the E-Class can now also be fully enjoyed with 4 cylinders, thanks to a new engine more silky and silent. Unmissable, this new Teutonne? We would not go that far, the competition preparing a sacred riposte (Audi and BMW) or having already unveiled its strengths (Jaguar XF and Volvo S90). But a solid reference, that, certainly.

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