That the Touareg shares its structures with the Porsche Cayenne and the Audi Q7 is not new. That's what the 2002 model was already doing. Now, it's getting even more attention to make the premium customer die. With its active anti-roll bars (controlled by a separate 48-volt circuit!) And four-wheel steering, its MLB Evo platform magnifies its chassis and makes the Touareg technically even closer to Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus.


His family ties

His MLB platform still has other assets such as a gain of 100 kg and almost 8 cm over its length. With its 4.88 m, the Touareg is 4 cm shorter than the Cayenne (4.92 m) and even, 17 cm smaller than the Q7 (5.05 m). Visually, he looks much more robust than his predecessor. The family ties with his two brothers are found in its lines, but it is especially by its wide and high grille overflowing on the optical blocks in the manner of Arteon, that the Touareg assumes its Volkswagen identity.

For the volume of the trunk, the Touareg offers 810 liters (113 liters more than its predecessor), while the Cayenne offers only 770 liters. However, with its 890 liters, the Q7 everyone agrees. Note that its back seat slides on 16 centimeters and that its backrest is adjustable.


However, the best place in the new Touareg is at the front: not only the finish is of high quality and the most beautiful effect (even to concede some exclusives to Audi) but you can especially experience it with the impressive Innovision cockpit. In fact, the two large digital screens merge to form one. Inspired by the quality that VW had spotted at Mercedes, the Touareg's screen almost reaches the size of a tablet that can be found at Tesla. This 15-inch touchscreen is dedicated to comfort elements such as air conditioning, massage seats (a first on the Touareg), driving assistance and infotainment system. The screen on the left serves as a dashboard and is 12 inches.

The set can be customized under seven usage profiles. According to Volkswagen, it only takes twenty minutes to understand how it works. If you are lost in one of the sub-menus, a large "home" button will allow you to return to the original screen. We find that the dashboard system is consistent even though we preferred to see the functions of the airco directly accessible; nevertheless, we recognize the intuitiveness of the commands.

Different engines

For its launch, the Touareg is limited to the 3.0 V6 TDI developing 286 hp and 600 Nm of torque, which will soon be strengthened by a version of 231 hp and 500 Nm. Is also expected, a V6 TSI 340 hp with 450 Nm of torque and a V8 TDI of 421 hp developing not less than 900 Nm. In China, the Touareg will begin its career with a rechargeable 367 hp hybrid that will arrive on the Old Continent in a future still undetermined.

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For the moment, Volkswagen remains modest. Although a colossus of 2 tons that goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds and 238 km / h, does not necessarily go unnoticed ... But this V6 really seduces to use. Its velvety and roundness have always been appreciated. VW's 4Motion four-wheel drive and a classic eight-speed automatic transmission transmit power to the ground without any problem.

On the road

Despite the active anti-roll bars (optional) and four-wheel steering of our test model, the Touareg is less ruler in cornering than the Cayenne and its two tons feel faster. Rather comfort-oriented, the Touareg therefore has no sporting ambitions: the presence of an air suspension in the list of options will sublimate comfort.

If you go through the list of options, you will be interested in driving aids ranging from night vision to help with maneuvers with trailers (the Touareg can tow up to 3.5 tons), which makes driving comfortable and relaxed.

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On highways and in traffic jams, the Touareg can drive in partially autonomous driving. Lane maintenance assistance also detects markings of temporary road works. Even outside highways, the Touareg proactively responds to traffic signs and navigation instructions. However, on secondary roads, this lane maintenance assistance is no longer as reliable. It also adjusts, automatically speed when you have to enter a side street, without having to brake or accelerate. The Mercedes S-Class is doing the same thing, but we would like Volkswagen to extend this technology to more "affordable" models like the new Golf.

Its prices

For the basic version of its Touareg, Volkswagen asks 66.000,01 euros (!): It already has LED headlights and a navigation system. But Volkswagen will see you instead choosing the Elegance, the Atmosphere or the R-Line, respectively offering a relaxed atmosphere, technological or sports. The Elegance and the Atmosphere cost 81,735.02 euros while the R-Line amounts to 83,885.01 euros. The Belgian importer also offers a Business Pack, comprising electrically adjustable leather seats, the Innovision cockpit, a panoramic roof, a parking aid and an electric opening tailgate. It will therefore be difficult to prioritize ... On paper, the V6 TDI consumes 6.9 l / 100 km and its CO2 emissions are 182 g / km.

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