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  • Let's recap: Hyundai is full of ambition. This year, in addition to the i30 Wagon, Fastback and their new SUV, the Kona, the brand also presents for the first time in its history, a "hot hatch". A real bomb because no one but BMW M's former boss, Albert Biermann, has developed this i30 N.


    It is therefore not a preparation to hurry, where the car is decked with explicit stickers, a kit of lowered suspensions and more sporty rims. No, this model is the first in the N department that designs cars in Namyang, Korea, and then settle on the German circuit Nürburgring. Either, twice N.

    Two versions

    Treatment N begins under the hood. We find the 2.0 T-GDI 4-cylinder, which is here offered in two power variants: 250 or 275 horsepower, a power each time reached 6,000 rpm. Both versions develop exactly the same torque: 353 Nm, or even 378 Nm with overboost. This value is available between 1,450 and 4,000 rpm for the 250 horsepower version and up to 4,700 rpm for the 275 horsepower model. Numbers ? From 0 to 100 km / h in respectively 6.4 and 6.1 seconds and a top speed limited to 250 km / h.

    Performance Pack

    Power is delivered to the front wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission. On the 275 horsepower version, an electronic differential helps traction. This model is also offered with the "Performance Pack" which includes large wheels (19 inches against 18 inches) with wider tires for more grip and sharpness, and a sport exhaust for more sensations.


    The suspensions of the 250 hp version lower the body of 4 mm, against 8 mm for the 275 hp version. The N department engineers have done their utmost to keep this body under control: it has been stiffened in many ways and the "Performance Pack" still receives additional reinforcement in the trunk. Electronically controlled damping and larger brakes and optimized cooling complete the chassis part.

    In search of the limits

    For this first grip, Hyundai had booked for us the circuit of Zolder, so that we can approach the limits of the car safely. The first thing that surprises: the various controls are finally calibrated as they should be. The engineers from the N department managed to eliminate the somewhat vague feeling of the direction of the standard i30 and exchanged it for more precision and consistency. The box has also been reinforced and sees its long deflections exchanged for short and dry movements, which, with the heavier clutch pedal, creates a sportier atmosphere.

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    All of this results in a very precise i30 N, with the sharp front end and the rear end always following cleanly. The self-locking differential pulls the nose towards the rope of the turn, which allows to put very quickly the gases. If you brake very hard, the Hyundai remains stable. The rear end never becomes light or nervous: the whole is always controlled. Adhesion losses are also controlled, even if to get there, you have to cause this i30 N. The laps on the Nürburgring have paid off...

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    On the public road

    For the road, Hyundai offers five different driving modes, from "Eco" to "Normal", through "Sport" and "N", as well as a customizable mode "N Custom". All affect throttle response, damping, steering consistency and ESP. On the versions with the "Performance Pack", this also influences the differential lock and sports exhaust. Good to know: a button "rev" on the steering wheel gives a little gas between reports, downshift. But of course you do not have to always roll the knife between your teeth: on the "Eco" and "Normal" modes, the i30 N can be driven like any other classic i30, even if the damping could have been more tolerant.


    In the cockpit, those who are familiar with the i30 will be here in known terrain. The differences are limited to a sports steering wheel with two big buttons for driving modes, a big shift knob and excellent seats. If you prefer a discreet dress, know that this i30 N does not do too much on the outside: red inserts on the lip of the front spoiler and the rear diffuser, a roof spoiler with a triangular brake light, a double Exhaust and some logos N. Oh yes, there are also specific rims and brake calipers painted red.

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  • Perched at an altitude of 1500 meters, Setti Fatma is a small village famous for its seven waterfalls which is located about 70 km from Marrakech, in the Ourika Valley, a beautiful green site watered by the torrents that descend from the 'Atlas. The village is the starting point for many excursions to the surrounding areas.


    From the village of Setti Fatma, you can go to several sites, starting with the beautiful succession of waterfalls with fresh and refreshing water.

    The village of Setti Fatma Marrakech Morocco

    The 7 waterfalls

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    With the help of a guide, one crosses the wooden bridge that crosses the Wadi before taking the slippery climb along the edge of a small stream. The less athletic will be satisfied to admire the first waterfall, then the magnificent view of the valley and the Yaghour massif. Others will go on a hike of more than 2 hours to discover the 7 famous waterfalls.

    Ascent of Mount Toubkal or discovery of Mount Yaghour
    Climb a mountain that rises to an altitude close to that of Mont Blanc or go on a quest for the famous rock carvings of Mount Yaghour.

    Other sites to visit

    Lovers of eco-tourism have something to discover in the beautiful valley:

    - The Safranière of the Ourika
    - The bio-aromatic garden of the Ourika
    - The Berber Ecomuseum

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  • VOLKSWAGEN Golf 7 Morocco Car Rental

    Technology for everyone.

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    Making avant-garde technologies accessible to as many people as possible, this is the creed of Golf for 7 generations. Its new evolution is probably the best equipped and most versatile compact in its class.


    Design and life on board.

    At Volkswagen, our cars are characterized by high quality equipment and a timeless design, identifiable at first sight. Our idea is to offer you a timeless base on which to express your personality. Thus, our many customization options will allow you to create your own Golf, the one that only looks like you.

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    A real support club.
    No less than 16 technologies are hiding in the Golf: Traffic Jam Assist, ACC 'ACC' and 'Front Assist' speed control, 'Park Pilot' and 'Park Assist 3.0' parking aids, etc. A true concentrate of technology!

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    Everything to make your life easier.
    The Golf's infotainment systems meet the most demanding expectations with a large touch screen, Gesture Control and more. As for Car-Net online services, they connect Golf to the Internet, to make your life easier.


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    يمتلك لوكاتمان كارز في مدينة أغادير في المغرب أسطولًا حديثًا من العلامات التجارية المختلفة ونماذج السيارات لتلبية احتياجات العملاء الوطنيين والدوليين.


    مع تأجير السيارات مراكش المغرب لوكاتمان كارز ، استئجار سيارة عند الوصول إلى مطار مراكش ، محطة سكة حديد أو فندقك وفي المدن الرئيسية في المغرب.

    تقدم شركة لوكاتمان للسيارات مجموعة من السيارات الأكثر اقتصادا التي تتم صيانتها بشكل جيد إلى أكثر أنواع الغرف فخمة وبأسعار معقولة.

    سواءً في العطلات أو لرحلات العمل ، يوفر لك لوكاتمان كارز أيضًا خدمات تأجير السيارات في مراكش ، اتقانًا لنسبة السعر / الجودة ، والمركبات تحت تصرفك لتوفير الراحة والانسجام التام. تستفيد الشركة أو الأفراد من مجموعتنا الواسعة من السيارات للعمل اليومي ونحن ندعوك للاستمتاع بمرافق العافية الكامنة المتاحة.
    نحن نقدم لك السيارة في المطار ونستردها عندما تريد.
    · نحن متواجدون على مدار 7/7 و 24/24 لمساعدتكم.
    · لدينا سيارات حديثة وفي حالة جيدة جدا.

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    لدينا فريق يتمنى لكم رحلة رائعة للمغرب مع سيارتك المؤجرة!

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